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Handcrafted sandal. Double-layer leather: inner lining in dry and healthy vegetable-tanned bovine leather, colored outer bovine leather. The anatomic insole is an innovation because it is made with latex and cork and has an inner core in soft natural latex, making it an extremely comfortable support for the foot. If our former thongs were comfortable, you will be impressed by the comfort we achieved in this new interpretation of the thongs. Sole in caoutchouc natural rubber.

Measure your foot (as described in this tutorial) and fill in your size in the program attached that will show you the size you can purchase.

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Manufacture and comfort

Handcrafted sandal, lining and anatomic insole made in vegetable-tanned leather that is not processed with chemicals and not dyed. Vegetable tanning assures an optimal absorption of sweat, with no risk of dermatitis, abrasions and mycosis. Advisable for chromium-related contact allergies and for MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity). The full grain leather insole is extremely soft and fresh, and leaves the foot dry even in case of relevant sweating and hyperhidrosis, avoiding at the same time the emergence of bad smells. The footbed is newly-designed: the outer layer is realized with cork and latex, assembled with an inner core in natural latex that increases the comfort. Cork and latex assure resistance and flexibility and, unlike other thongs on the market, won’t tear apart in the bending points. No washing or special maintenance is requested. 

Wholesomeness and traspirability: NATURE INSIDE

The feature represented by the lining is the most important for us. The component that comes into contact with the foot has to be especially accurate and healthy, that is why we keep stressing in such a way that may look maniacal that we do not want harmful plastic covering our shoes. Our long experience has taught that the only real solution to prevent the foot from suffering both from nail mycosis and from chemicals contact allergies is to enwrap it in bovine leather tanned with vegetable extracts named TANNINS. The leather we use for the lining won’t be dyed, nor painted, nor plastered to remove small faults. We want it to be natural and if anyone complains because of small scratches or mild color irregularities, they need to understand that only modified nature is flawless, and to modify nature you need chemistry. In our shoes you’ll find linings that are nature at its purest. To recap, the inside of our shoes is lined with full-grain bovine leather tanned with vegetable tannins from chestnut, quebracho and mimosa, with no chromium and no colorants, for an effective absorption of sweat. This leather is compatible with the most sensitive skins. The lining leathers are batteriostatic, that is they keep the correct charge of bacteria in the foot unchanged from a quality and a quantity point of view, preventing the growth of the bacteria that are responsible for bad smells.


The sole is realized in a mixture of caoutchouc rubber (it’s not Thermoplastic Rubber, that is a plastic often passed off as rubber). It assures an excellent grip on smooth and wet floors and a very good resistance to abrasion, flexibility and elasticity.


Handcrafted repairable and resolable product, designed and realized in Italy for Ragioniamo con i piedi.


Our sale chain is more and more going to be focused on e-commerce because this enables us to cut intermediation costs, that we invest in the quality of our shoes. That’s why we can afford to use vegetable-tanned bovine leathers and therefore to guarantee to our customers the benefits they offer.


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