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Hot summers yet FREE feet. This is the purpose od Gink-go, our trekking sandal lined in vegetable tanned leather and Canvas upper. Its sole mirrors its comfort and offers long walks with constantly fresh and light feet.

Hot summers lie ahead, we wish to walk safe and with FREE feet, GINK-GO offers the right solution. The combination of: a thin layer of leather coupled with memory under the feet; upper in robust CANVAS lined in hypoallergic, absorbent, chromium-free leather; sole in resistant and flexible microporous rubber of the appropriate thickness to confer stability and comfort, make this sandal the right footwear for the summers lying ahead.

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As a summer sandal, it keeps the foot fresh in nearly complete contact with the atmosphere. It can also be used by those allergic to potassium dichromate, being completely lined in hypoallergic leather vegetable tanned with no colors nor paint to avoid chemical pollution to the foot. It does not slip out thanks to its fast tie to the ankle and to its two adjustment options. It absorbs well the swear and does not smell.


Trekking, it is very fit for all times of the day.

Wholesomeness and freshness

It is completely lined in hypoallergenic leather vegetable tanned color- and paint-free to increase the absorption of the swear and avoid the foot to be polluted by potassium dichromate and other chemicals. Its materials are of very good quality and in line with our standards.


The sole is in a very light material, elastic, gummy, making the walk soft. Under the foot there is full-grain vegetable tanned leather, memory and a layer of leather.


The construction we have chosen for this sandal is a combined one: the upper is assembled on the insole, the insole is assembled in Ideal.


Possibility to choose between two adjustment options.


To maintain this sandal it is only needed to wash the insole with a toothbrush: you need to dip it in water, rub it on Marseille or neutral non colored soap, cleanse the insole by rubbing the toothbrush.


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