Summer shoe-sandal suitable for summer walks featuring a comfortable fit and an expanded microporous outsole that accompanies the foot at each step

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Softness and comfort

Shoe-sandal with lining in chromium-free naturally tanned hypoallergenic leather. This sandal prevents any social embarrassment since it never smells in addition to perfectly absorbing the sweat. Moreover it prevents contact allergies caused by potassium dichromate. The outer leather is vegetable tanned and natural, free from chemicals of any kind and moisturized to make it soft and pleasant for Summer (it shows small blemishes that are only aesthetic and do not affect its firmness). A special mention is for the outsole in soft and resistant microporous that is light too. Silent, gummy, well-gripped on the ground even when it’s wet, and allows to wear a sandal for hours and hours without tiring one’s legs. The REAL IDEAL manufacture makes it robust and long-lasting as an elm (in Italian OLMO). Same fit as article KAHLO.


Summer shoe-sandal suitable for summer walks when you need to protect your foot from stones and dust allowing at the same time your foot to be in contact with the outer atmosphere, many people also use it in late Fall with socks.


Funny and unconventional, really unique for its lacing and “chubby” shape.

Wholesomeness and freshness 

It is completely lined in vegetable-tanned paint-free and color-free hypoallergenic leather to increase the absorption of the sweat and to prevent the foot from being polluted with chromium and other chemicals. This avoids sweat stagnations, therefore mycosis, antisocial smells, embarrassments with sensitive partners. The outer leather is vegetable full-grain and natural just as it is after tanning. The materials are of utmost quality and in line with our standards. 


The sole is in a very light, elastic, gummy material, making the fit very soft. The leather under the foot is full-grain vegetable-tanned, with memory and a layer of leather. 

Realization and Manufacture 

Prodotto artigianale progettato e realizzato in Italia per Ragioniamo con i piedi. La lavorazione che abbiamo scelto per la realizzazione di questo sandalo è quella a Ideal che lo rende confortevole sin dal primo momento che il piede entra nel sandalo.

Calzata e Manutenzione

Handcrafted product designed and realized in Italy for Ragioniamo con i piedi. The type of manufacture we have chosen for this sandal is the Ideal which makes it comfortable since the first moment the foot enters the sandal. 

Fit and Maintenancei

Same fit as our article KAHLO. Leather lace. To maintain this sandal you just need to dust it and then moisturize its leather with some Aquila fat.


Our sale chain is more and more going to be focused on e-commerce because this enables us to cut intermediation costs, that we invest in the quality of our shoes. That’s why we can afford to use vegetable-tanned bovine leathers and therefore to guarantee to our customers the benefits they offer.


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