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LEONORA is a sandal that has a fully-fledged place in our ladies’ collection, with a feature that makes it different from several products in the market: LEONORA is completely lined in our leathers tanned with chestnut tree and quebracho tannins. The structure of this sandal allows to envelop the foot preventing any slipping-out.

Its sole is in first quality leather and its insole is soft and covered in full-grain bovine leather. Its simplicity goes hand-in-hand with the complexity of the manufactures its raw materials undergo.

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Comfort and Softness

LEONORA style meets the needs for elegance, comfort, ease and wholesomeness that we mean to offer to women. Its almost spartan yet elegant structure make it easily fit for all occasions. Soft, light, comfortable, it allows to be used for many hours a day. Its outer upper is in bovine leather tanned with chestnut tree tannins and greased to be soft and enveloping. The longevity of these leathers is amazing and they need to be taken care of by feeding them every month with a little nourishing cream. The lining covering the whole sandal is in bovine leather tanned with chestnut tree and quebracho tannins. It is not painted nor colored to avoid any pollution for the foot both from heavy metals like chromium and from allergens of other kinds attributable to the coloring. The tanning with tannins ensures the persistence of the good smell of leather emanated by the sandal, never causing bad smells even after many years of use. Being this leather natural and free from actions or manufactures that may distort its antibacterial quality, it has a very high capability of sweat absorption.

Sole and Insole

The sole is in solid leather. The insole is triple-layer: the leather tanned with our tannins recipe in contact with the foot, a memory to make the walk soft, a layer in soft leather on which the whole sandal is constructed. Repairable and resolable product. designed and realized in Italy for Ragioniamo con i piedi by an artisanal manufacture in the province of Verona.


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