Factory Outlet

Factory Outlet

If you are near Este, pop in and visit us: we will be happy to meet us and introduce you our “family”. Coffee and chatter are granted, if we are not extremely busy.

Our shop is in ESTE, PD in Piazza Trento 16. It is open weekdays 9-13 am and 3-7 pm (approximately) and even on Saturday afternoons.

There, you can buy at the same prices of the shop, with the difference that you can try everything you like and besides receive our sage advice and gentle tap of toes. Feel free to invite also your friends, relatives and colleagues who show the first signs of impatience or rebellion to conventional shoes: we know how to trigger the topic.

If you have special requests or suffer from specific diseases, or if you come from very far away, please let us know with a small advance. If you do not do, it does not matter, you are still welcome. We just want to be able to pamper and indulge in the best quality time; and even prevent that, misfortune!, the model and number you aspire stands at the bottom of one of the vans ...

If you do not see the map below, see the location directly on Gmail.