Ankle boot in very soft suede, lined in vegetable tanned leather chromium and colorant-free. Removable insole. Same features as ARKÉ. Sole in microporous offering optimal grip: it is the real feature of this shoe making a classic ankle boot as casual as a sneaker.

Measure your foot (as described in this tutorial) and fill in your size in the program attached that will show you the suggested size.



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Softness and comfort

Ankle boot of superior comfort and long-lasting, composed of special value materials. The outer upper is in super soft suede of superior quality; the extensible quality of its leather and the generously comfortable last, with no stitching on the forefoot, make this style fit for large foot soles, high insteps and also bunions.

Cases of feet with callus, bunions, hammer toes.

Please write us a note once you’ve purchased or contact us before purchasing if you have annoying callus on your feet, bunions, hammer toes o any irregularity in your feet that concerns you. We are able to adjust the shoe to any irregular shape of the foot included in the range of cases that can be tackled without the need for a custom-made shoe. We have solved several problems of shoe adjustment with simple actions before shipping.

Wholesomeness and transpirability: NATURE INSIDE

The inside is completely lined in full grain bovine leather tanned with vegetable tannins, therefore chromium-free for an effective absorption of the sweat. This leather is compatible with the most sensitive foot skins, prevents irritations and mycosis, and does not produce contact allergies. Removable footbed inside.

Removable footbed inside 

The footbed inside in leather coupled with PORON (it’s a MEMORY), is removable, allowing its replacement with a personalized footbed or with another same footbed, at the end of a first use cycle. PORON is a visco-elastic material, with a unique capability of amortization: it has been demonstrated that it can disperse the shock wave caused by the impact of the foot against the floor up to 99%, it therefore causes no stress of any type to the foot heel. 


The sole is realized in a light mix ensuring a very good grip on smooth and wet floors.


Handmade product, repairable and resolable, designed and realized in Italy for Ragioniamo con i piedi.


Our sale chain is more and more going to be focused on e-commerce because this enables us to cut intermediation costs, that we invest in the quality of our shoes. That’s why we can afford to use vegetable-tanned bovine leathers and therefore to guarantee to our customers the benefits they offer.


Customer Reviews

Besides being very beautiful, it’s an extremely comfy ankle boot that can be used also for long walks. For the same size, at least visually from the outside, it is a rather big shoe, yet I recommend to take anyway one’s own size even if it may look too big
(Posted on 5/31/2019)
Review by Walter Moretti
Congratulations, comfy and warm, it perfectly performs also in case of rain. I practically wear them every day. As for durability, I will let you know, however they have held out perfectly for the first winter.
(Posted on 5/31/2019)
Review by Valerio Ballerini
I have tested my ankle boots for three days on foot in Prague with the cold and they have brilliantly passed the test, my feet did not freeze and not even sweated, in the evening I used to take the shoes off yet they still smelled nice. Approved!
(Posted on 5/31/2019)
Review by Danilo
This is my first style from this firm. I’ll be honest, I used to think that all shoes are the same, instead it is clear I was wrong. Fortunately I have been invited to try them and I immediately felt the difference. This is a fantastic shoe. I recommend everyone to try it
(Posted on 5/31/2019)
Review by Giacomo Tommasini
Bought three years ago at artigianato in fiera and used all winters; I found them: comfortable, warm, light and always in order... happy with my purchase
(Posted on 5/31/2019)
Review by Lorenzo
Great shoe, well manufactured, super comfy with that sole!! The quality is high, both from materials and from their construction, originality is granted. To be used every day with no concern!
(Posted on 5/31/2019)
Review by Michele Conz
Just taken from Artigiano in Fiera. Under recommendation of the Master I took a size “less” than usual, so I am still waiting for the leather to give as it should in the places where needed. I have already worn them for a whole day with no problems, every time I put them on I am impressed by the softness of their sole (absolutely true what he says in the video about this product) and by the general lightness and comfort. Great manufacture. They are worth every euro spent
(Posted on 5/31/2019)
Review by Roberto patti
Bowing and kissing someone else’s shoes? Unbelievable, and yet Jorge Mario did it. Jesus Christ did not: the Nazarene restricted himself to washing the feet to his disciples (as a matter of fact ante litteram priests). Nobody ever pushed themselves so far, or rather (as we’re talking about shoes), so low. Should this be classified as a doddle? No, I understood the sense of this bow: he believed he had to do with a piece of vegetable tanned leather, scented of tannins and of honest and wise labor, maybe an irresistible piece, to be kissed (even with no fetish tendencies), as the bright black Beatles booties (they proved to be impeccable in every occasion) o the charming Arké B.I.O.S. VIBRAM with the insert in different color. These shoes from “Ragioniamo coi piedi” (and only these) are —possibly— shoes to kiss. MEMENTO!
[Stimulated by the news, also this time I am writing a review of satisfaction, only after appropriate test period for both styles. Congratulations]

(Posted on 5/31/2019)
Review by Flavio

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