Sneaker in very soft leather, suitable for all seasons and perfect for long outdoor walks. Excellent comfort and flexibility with an optimum distribution of the plantar pressure. Extractable insole.

Measure your foot (as described in this tutorial) and fill in your size in the program attached that will show you the size you can purchase.

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Softness and Comfort

The style LINCE, conceived for the needs of a dynamic and active lifestyle and to head out on long outdoor walks, combines the aesthetics of running shoes with a fully leather core, successfully blending elegance, comfort and wholesomeness. The outer upper is in bovine leather and a suede of a superior quality and softness. However, the true secret is the lining inside, in bovine leather tanned with vegetable tannins, perfectly absorbing the sweat with no release of bad smells or toxic transmission to the foot. This kind of leather can’t be found in conventional shoes on the market and wards off irritations, mycosis and blisters; being free from chromium salts and harmful chemicals, it also fit for sensitive skins and for those who suffer from contact dermatitis. Cases of hyperhidrosis and strong sweating are relieved by the contact with an highly transpiring material, allowing the foot to stay dry, even after hours of prolonged use.


The insole is extractable and allows to be replaced with a customized insole or with the same one at the end of a use cycle. It is in soft latex (thick enough to last in time without wilting), covered in the same vegetable-tanned leather as the lining.


The sole is in “Vi-Lite” branded Vibram, a blend of rubber and microporous; soft, flexible, resistant to abrasion, with grip and an optimum distribution of the plantar pressure. Extremely easy to be resoled.  This style features a soft and extensible leather, without stitching inside, very suitable in case of bunion. Reparable and resolable product, designed in Italy for Ragioniamo con i Piedi by an artisan manufacture in the province of Verona.


Customer Reviews

Purchased one year ago, perfect shoes, a pity that with cotton socks the foot slides inside.
Review by Bressi Ugo
For those like me who have had to move towards natural chromium or colorant free products because of allergy issues. Besides they are comfortable and fresh in Summer.
Review by Emilio Toma
Summer used to be an agony for my feet. Besides the comfort in the fit (I also use them for short hikes) they have an incredible comfort against the heat. I use them everyday at work and even from March to October as long as the temperature allows, no longer smell and lo cut between toes, first chance I get I’ll buy ginger color as well (I have the green one)
Review by Gianluca Camellini
I am 60 of which 45 in the Army. It was years since I last had been to the sea because I would get an annoying and painful erythema on my instep as soon as I started to sweat and that would regularly worsen when in contact with the sand. Allergy tests mark an allergy to potassium dichromate, that is that chemical used in the process of tanning the leather to make shoes. Also on the advice of a very good dermatologist, I started to search for suitable shoes and I scouted out Gigi’s website. In October 2017 I visited Lucca local market and there I met Gigi and bought a pair of ARKÉ OLD LEATHER. I wore them every day since then. Then I bought a pair of LINCE SUEDE and a pair of FALCO. In short, since October 2017 to date I have been wearing Ragioniamo con i piedi shoes. At the end of each day my feet are fresh and relaxed, unlike in the past. Then I had the acid test in going to the sea, spending a few weeks on a beach in Calabria and wearing the LINCE on my feet. My instep was just perfect at the end of the Summer, not even the least rash. To summarize, it’s beautiful shoes, really beautiful shoes, comfortable, calming and “healthy”, constructed with know-how and passion.

Review by Giuseppe Cuomo
A very pleasant shoe at first sight that infuses an incredible feeling of comfort since the very moments you wear it, perfectly holding the foot
Review by Jacopo Maria Briccola
These shoes are appealing in their style and extraordinarily soft and comfortable. Strongly recommended!
Review by Leone Meneguzzi
These shoes really are of an absolute comfort. You can wear them in all seasons (maybe a little less during Summer). Their price is really worth the quality of the product and the foot does not smell.
Review by Luca

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