Size help

How to choose the right size

For each style, you will find a programme that enables you to get the size you need to purchase by entering your foot length. Watch this video to have instructions on how to measure your foot and follow the advices:
  • Never take as a reference the size of sport shoes, that are made in worlds that are far away from ours and have different developments (that proceed faster, they therefore quickly run to bigger sizes). Also refer to the size of classic shoes, possibly Italian ones
  • Consider the information about the fit that you will find in the datasheet of each article. NB: some of our styles, like Arkè for example, offer such a generous and abundant fit, that can allow a size less as compared to the one you are used to.

  • If you still have doubts, do no hesitate to contact us at +39 0429 635846 or leave a message through the dedicated form > Send a message > SOS What size shall I take?

Make sure you are prepared: always better leave us a phone number and maybe, if you are very diligent, give us from the start information about the length, measured from the heel to the longest toe (two marks on a sheet of paper on which the foot lays are enough) and possibly about the width (just in case you are also concerned about it; we are not, because our leather extends very well when worn and our lasts are always rather wide).
We will consider all variables involved as for lengths, shapes (ours and yours), fit, and we will be able to give you the correct suggestion. Or better, Gigi will be able to give it, being a veteran of infallible experience, fit and correspondences expert. Experience teaches that a simple chat is enough to prevent the possibility of a return.
If, notwithstanding all these precautions, the size will turn out to be wrong, you can perform the size switching procedure or even the refund procedure, by following these simple instructions.

* When shown in the bottom of the product DESCRIPTION datasheet.