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Falco aims to be something new and untested, a fusion of the elegance of a Derby and the comfort of a sole that makes one’s walk soft and elastic by bending with the foot. Constructed for those who love the classic style in search for comfort.

Measure your foot (as described in this tutorial) and fill in your size in the program attached that will show you the size you can purchase.



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Softness and comfort

Man Derby with an elegant upper matched with a casual sole to emphasize its comfort and the possibility to wear it for many years a day. Its long-lasting is ensured by its materials of particular value and robustness. The outer upper in vegetable (with tannins) tanned bovine leather, this material and its generously comfortable last, with no stitching on the forefoot, make this style fit for large foot soles, high insteps and even bunions.

Cases of feet with callus, bunions, hammer toes

Please write us a note once you’ve purchased or contact us before purchasing if you have annoying callus on your feet, bunions, hammer toes o any irregularity in your feet that concerns you. We are able to adjust the shoe to any irregular shape of the foot included in the range of cases that can be tackled without the need for a custom-made shoe. We have solved several problems of shoe adjustment with simple actions before shipping.

Wholesomeness and transpirability

The inside is completely lined in full grain bovine leather tanned with vegetable tannins extracted from chestnut tree and oak, therefore chromium-free. This leather has not been dyed nor finished with colors so that no barrier is created against the absorption of the sweat. Since tannins are the most powerful antibacterial produced in nature, this leather does not produce bad smells. This leather is compatible with the most sensitive foot skins, prevents irritations and mycosis, and does not produce contact allergies.

Inner footbed

The inner footbed is covered in our lining leather as described above, and is doubled with a memory, allowing a soft and elastic walk.


The sole in made in a light mix of expanded rubber that has been studied to ensure a soft walk and a good support for the foot, it ensures a very good grip on smooth and wet floors.


The shoe is made with the assembled “ideal” construction (the real “ideal”). It is this combination of this construction and the tannin tanned leathers that make it especially comfortable. Handmade product, repairable and resolable, designed in Italy for Ragioniamo con i piedi.


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