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The Materials

Let’s start with a step back: how is a shoe made? And why is it important to know? In our opinion, it is fundamental to know that, and we’ll explain why:

How is a shoe made

A matter of leather

The selected material we use for uppers is real leather, namely of bovine origin. However, so far, even if this is a selective choice (we exclude pigskin), we are still similar to many others.
What distinguishes us is that we always use vegetable tanned leather in all parts that are in contact with the foot (in the lining or, if the shoe is unlined, in the leather the upper is made of); it’s a manufacture made in Tuscany using tannins from mimosa, chestnut tree and oak, instead of chromium as in the typical chemical tanning.
The effects on the body, in terms of wellness, extensibility and, above all, sweat absorption capability, are priceless; not to mention the relief, and often the healing caused to those who suffer from diseases or chronic disorders (chromium contact allergies, contact dermatitis, MCS and various sensitivities, hyperhidrosis, Morton neuroma).
This choice is one of the main aspects of our rebellion. All reasons and benefits are explained here:

Vegetable tanned leathers - why

Other materials

To create our uppers we also use (a few) other materials:

  • linen or organic cotton (always lined with vegetable tanned leather)*
  • PET microfiber derived from recycled plastic bottles
  • technical fabric in microfiber certified Teflon-free, in some parts of the lining for some sport and hiking styles.

Which Soles

We have dedicated a separate page to soles, which come last but contribute in a crucial way to the comfort and the wearability of the shoe.

* In the past we have made some experiments on vegan shoes, lined in cotton; for those you may be interested, we have a few pairs left in selling-off.