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Our shoes are… No, come on, that’s the way everyone gets started. Let’s take it from another side: in what are our shoes different? What’s so special about them?
- They are healthier: in contact with the foot we only use chromium-free leather tanned with vegetable tannins, the healthiest material that can be found on the market, and we minimize as much as possible the chemical impact of all manufactures (colorants, solvents and other harmful materials). Which is ideal not only for those who are allergic, but for anyone who does not want to pollute their own body – and the environment – with toxic and, in the long run, not tolerable substances.
- They do not smell (try!), because this super natural leather perfectly absorbs the sweat and prevents the insurgence of bad smells. Since when all that we wear is made with synthetic, microfiber or in the so-called ‘technical materials’, we are no longer used to this kind of miracles.
- They are more resistant and durable: some people have been walking in them for four or five years… This happens both because they are made with handcrafted care, and because most of them are lined, therefore there is not a single but two layers of leather.
- They are repairable and resolable, as opposed to fast-fashion and to disposable consumption.
- In our opinion they also are very honest, because we state exactly not only how they are made, but even how their price is built, in their transparent label.

We’ll stop here, and we invite you to verify yourselves firsthand. If you have not tested anything yet, you can browse the catalogue with all products here. If on the contrary you are a customer already and you’ve come back to see us, take a minute to leave your review, so that your feedback is public and useful to everyone – to us in the first place.